Silicon Harvest endeavours to bring you the best in computers and electronics in all walks of life, for home use, gaming, business, institutional use, commercial and server operations. From computers and peripherals to household electronics to enthusiast gadgets. We also offer PC parts, assembly, and cosmetic customizations.

Silicon Harvest Computer and Electronics logo
Silicon Harvest business card – front side with contact details.
Silicon Harvest business card - back side with QR code.
Silicon Harvest business card – back side with QR code.

Background and Affliations

The store was founded in 2018 as the official store for Ashen Glow Gaming Channel, trading as “Ashen Glow Gaming Store”, as a way to help fund the existence of the media channel due to the unreliability of donations.  The store does, however, stand on its own as a store, just like any other.

So when you buy from Silicon Harvest, you are supporting Ashen Glow Gaming Channel, which includes the gaming blog and YouTube channel under the same name.  Thanks for your kind patronage!  From now on, instead of buying from your usual sources – buy from us and you’ll be supporting creatives in the field of PC gaming!


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