Store Policies

By purchasing from our store, you, the customer, acknowledge, agree and consent to the following:

Product warranties:

Products are warranted against defects.  (Contact the store for more information if you believe you have a defective product.)

Vendor supplied warranties are generally return-to-base, although there are some circumstances where warranty may be provided on an on-site or pick-up-and-return basis.  However, this is dependent on the vendor and offered from the vendor direct.  In cases where return-to-base warranty applies, customer is responsible for return shipping of the faulty products.

A special note for graphics cards buyers: please be aware that the use of graphics cards for bitcoin-mining purposes may have negative implications for their warranty coverage. If this concerns you, please consult the manufacturer(s).

Business Alias

The customer recognises that Silicon Harvest may be referred to in some records as “Ashen Glow Gaming Store”, which serves as a business alias.


We are not currently collecting any GST as we are below the GST turnover threshold.  We will begin to issue tax invoices once we reach this threshold.

No refund policy: the customer accepts that the store will not offer refunds except where legally required

The store is unable to offer refunds for change of mind or customers’ mistakes.  The onus of making the correct product selections falls to the customer.  The customer is responsible for doing their own research with regards to their product selections, which includes but is not limited to ensuring hardware compatibility before committing to a purchase.

No refund policy exceptions

If, in the unlikely event that a product can be shown to be defective, then of course, we will happily replace, repair or refund it, in accordance with the vendor’s warranty policies.

Likewise, if stock is unavailable contrary to front end indications – this can happen due to latency in the inventory reporting system – then we will refund you with our full apologies.

The store reserves all rights to cancel any purchase

The store may cancel and refund a purchase for any reason it deems legitimate.  This includes – but is not limited to – pricing errors.

Authorization to Leave (ATL)

We strongly advise against ATL, although we do understand the need for and accommodate ATL where required.  Where ATL is opted into by the customer either in the notes section of the order form or over the phone with Silicon Harvest staff, the customer accepts full responsibility for any delivery mishaps or stolen goods.  Customer agrees to waive liabilities on the part of the store for any theft or failed deliveries.

Group buy terms and conditions:

  • Currently, the only methods of payment accepted for group buy payments are electronic bank transfer or PayPal.
  • Although we make every effort to progress the group buy when the target number sales is met, the store reserves the right to cancel the group buy.  In the event of cancellation, each customer will be issued a full refund.
  • The store may at its discretion extend the deadline attached to any group buy offers.  If this happens, customers will be informed of the deadline extension and given an option to withdraw from the deal should they wish.

Images are for illustrative purposes and only may not be exact

Due to the variations in makes, etc., it is not always possible to obtain exact images of our products. Whilst customers can rest assured that we do our best to make accurate representations, and that all images are a very good approximation of the product likeness, images may differ in minor respects from the actual product. We reserve the right for some creative license – we sometimes use dramatised images, which are Photoshopped for dramatic effect. We also Photoshop photo backdrops, for image quality purposes (e.g. anti-aliasing). JPG to PNG image conversions may also involve editing to obtain a transparent background, to meet website standards for consistency of presentation.

Stock availability

The presentation of stock as available is only provisional and non-absolutely indicative.

All store users must, by virtue of using the store, understand and accept all the above terms.